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Leon Rives II

Leon L. Rives II - Chief Visionary Officer

Leon is a founding partner of RH CPAs, PLLC. His wide variety of experience extends beyond the traditional financial statement services to include assisting clients with the implementation of new Statements on Statutory Accounting Practices, internal control solutions, mergers and acquisitions, reinsurance analysis, insurance tax compliance and planning, Accounting, Underwriting, Claims, Forensic, Insurance and Reinsurance Audits, as well as other regulatory developments. Mr. Rives services to clients also include financial and compliance audits, agreed upon procedures, statutory accounting and consulting, as well as strategic and financial planning for clients. He is responsible for monitoring and commenting on all audit and accounting developments, and ensures that clients are kept updated and advised on the impact of new accounting standards. Mr. Rives’ work experience includes more than 10 years experience in statutory accounting. Throughout his career Mr. Rives has lead insurance audit and attest teams, as well as clients, through unprecedented change in Accounting Standards. In addition Mr. Rives has served as a leader for various discussion panels in regards to the implementations of new internal controls in insurance organizations and, implementation of new Statements on Statutory Accounting Principles. Mr. Rives has authored and lectured many courses such as “The Model Audit Act”, “Property and Casualty Financial Reporting” “ Insurance Industry Financial Analysis and Update”.